MTB Rides at Hartland – Intermediate Loop

By February 16, 2015 MTB No Comments
Hartland Bike Park

Hartland Bike ParkHartland Bike Park is a fantastic year round destination. There’s a real range of terrain with something for just about everyone (there’s not a ton of beginner terrain but it’s in the works!).

It’s well worth it to buy a Hartland map which you can get from just about any local bike shop┬áso you can find your own way around, but in this series of rides we’ll share a few rides you might consider.

This particular loop is one that’s been ridden many times by the author. It’s a great intermediate ride – there are some challenging obstacles but zero “mandatory” jumps and you can quickly scramble down any of the obstacles you might not be confident to tackle (without having to get off the bike very often). This was also one of the first loops I took my 14 year old son and his friend on once they were comfortable with cornering and “roll downs.”

Also, for more experienced riders, this is a fun “lunchtime loop” as you can leave the parking lot, have a fun ride, and be back in under an hour.

Click through to see the complete map on Ride With GPS.

Visit our Mountain Biking page to read more about Hartland and see directions to get there.

Pictured below is a fun & fast roll-down you’ll find on Ruffles:

Ruffles at Hartland