MTB Rides at Hartland – Intermediate Loop II

By April 6, 2015 MTB No Comments

intermediateloopIIThis loop is a bit of a cross between the Intermediate Loop ride and the Longer Loop.

A few highlights (assuming you like climbing) include:

  • The climb up Skull near the start of the ride. Although some mornings it doesn’t feel like it, all the switchbacks and obstacles can be climbed without getting off your bike.
  • The climb up Switchback. Like Skull, the obstacles are challenging but “climbable,” although it may take a few tries to figure out a couple of the sharp right hand turns.

A favourite trail for “tuning up” your technical skills a bit is Twister. Twister is great as it has some good challenges and you need to stay alert, but there are no impossible obstacles. If you want to get a feel for the park and the terrain, Twister is a great place to build your confidence.

Sofa King builds in some fun berms and small jumps. If you want a longer ride and want to build in some additional climbing, it’s fun to stop and do a few laps of Sofa King (just make sure to bring a trail map so you can find our way back up and out!).

Click through to see the complete map on Ride With GPS.

Hartland Bike Park is a fantastic year round destination. There’s a real range of terrain with something for just about everyone (there’s not a ton of beginner terrain but it’s in the works!).

It’s well worth it to buy a Hartland map which you can get from just about any local bike shop so you can find your own way around, but in this series of rides we’ll share a few rides you might consider.