Victoria is a fantastic place for family friendly cycling. Some great (and free) resources and rides include:

The Galloping Goose regional trailGalloping Goose Trail

The Galloping Goose is a 55km multi-use trail built on an abandoned railway right of way. “The Goose”
takes you from the west side of Victoria’s Johnson Street bridge all the way out to the community of Sooke. Families with young children may want to walk across the bridge to the start of the Goose at Harbour Road about 300 yards from the bridge.

The Goose can be quite busy near town but quickly quiets down the further you go. As an added bonus for relaxed riders, the trail is generally quite flat. As a former rail line, there are no steep grades. The only exception to this is out towards Sooke where a the trail goes down through a few gulleys that were formerly spanned by trestles. If you’re towing a trailer, you may find yourself pushing up one or two of these short but steep hills (and you’ll have travelled over 40km before you get to them!).


Lochside Trail Victoria BCThe Lochside Trail

The Lochside Trail is a 29 km regional trail starting at Switch Bridge (adjacent to Victoria’s Uptown Shopping Centre) where it intersects with the Galloping Goose trail.

Like the Galloping Goose, the Lochside Trail is on an abandoned rail right of way and is almost entirely flat terrain. The Lochside Trail is a very pleasant trail with Mattick’s Farm being a popular family destination for snacks or mini golf. The seaside town of Sidney BC is also a popular destination, although a bit more ambitious distance-wise.


Cecilia Ravine Bike Park

The Cecilia Ravine Bike Park is a small bike skills park with several different skill level trails for suitable for anyone from beginner riders on up. The bike park is also accessible via a short ride from downtown on the Galloping Goose.


North Saanich Freeride ParkNorth Saanich Jump Park

The North Saanich Freeride park is a jewel of a dirt jump park with trails for beginners to expert level jumpers. The park is located at 10180 Littlewood Road, just off Mills Road in North Sannich BC. This park is only open from spring through fall in favourable weather (and is a 30 minute drive from town) so make sure to check that it’s open on their Facebook page before you go!


Hartland Bike ParkHartland Mountain Bike Park

Hartland is a fantastic local mountain bike park open year round. With dozens of kilometres of trails ranging from beginner to expert there is definitely something for everyone (although true beginners will probably want to visit the park with an experienced rider to show them the ropes).

The park covers a significant area, so it’s highly recommended to purchase a Hartland map, which is available for about $7 at most every local bikes shop.