Favourite Rides: Rob’s 58 km Saanich Peninsula Route

Pat Bay, Victoria BC

Saanich Peninsula Bike RouteThis favourite ride is shared by Rob, our website administrator and recreational cyclist who has been cruising the streets of Victoria on 2 wheels for 20+ years.

While Rob usually favours mountain biking, he’s shared one of his favourite road rides. This ride is a 58 kilometre loop, starting at Lochside School in Royal Oak.

For those coming from town, the starting point is 10km from downtown following the Galloping Goose and Lochside trails, serving as a great warmup and cooldown.

The route as shown follows mostly rural roads, but includes a few paved and unpaved sections of bike path on the Lochside trail. The unpaved sections are hard packed dirt and generally “rideable” on even the skinniest of tires as long as you use common sense and slow down a bit in any rough sections.

As well, if you’d prefer to stay on the pavement 100% of the time it’s fairly straightforward as the the hard packed dirt bike path starts just after Martindale when heading South. An alternate route would have you taking a left up Martindale Road, climbing the hill on Martindale, turning right onto Welch Road, Following Welch Road to Fowler, taking a right on Fowler and then taking a short jaunt to the left on Cordova Bay road prior to jumping back to the featured route on Lochside Drive.

One of the great aspects of this route is that it can be changed or added to very easily depending on the length and type of ride you want to do. As it follows the waterfront, it’s near impossible to get lost through trying an alternate route along the way.

There are a few sections on this route that the CRD cycling map considers “low comfort” and less confident riders may want to have a look at the map and plan their route options accordingly.

All in all, if you want a route that involves just a modest amount of climbing and is filled with ocean views, you are sure to enjoy this loop. As well, there are many potential coffee stops, which makes it a great social ride!

You can inspect the whole route through the saved map file on gmap-pedometer.com. Please note: it may take a while for the map to load after you click through, particularly if you’re on a slow connection (but it’s worth the wait!).